Sweden in the summer is magical. For some, there is no more beautiful place on earth. We at the Svenska Västkustlinjen (Swedish Westcoast Line) love all the seasons, but even we must succumb to the magic of the Swedish summer. Life is more open, more fun, more relaxed. That’s why we want to share our part of Sweden, Bohuslän, with you. We want to show you everything from the Gothenburg archipelago to the marine nature reserve at Koster with lots of small fishing communities and stone quarries in between. 

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3 Day Cruise Gothenburg-Strömstad or Strömstad-Gothenburg

3-DAY CRUISE GOTHENBURG-STRÖMSTAD or STRÖMSTAD-GOTHENBURG - EXPLORE BOHUSLÄN IN 3 DAYS - WITH BUS TRANSFER BACK TO GOTHENBURG (OR BUS FROM GOTHENBURG TO STRÖMSTAD IF YOU CRUISE STRÖMSTAD-GOTHENBURG) To explore this wonderful coastline from the sea is not available to everybody. Now, we make it available to you. Join us for some truly memorable d...Read more3 daysFrom 3,995:-

Follow in Evert Taube´s slip stream

2 Day Cruise: Follow in Evert Taube´s slip stream - Gothenburg – Lysekil - WITH BUS TRANSFER TO GOTHENBURG Evert Taube is Sweden’s most famous troubadour. On this trip, there is a serious danger of a sing along. This is a very special cruise. Evert was the son of the light house keeper on Vinga. He attended the island school until he was 13...Read more

Boat and Bike

2-Day Cruise: Boat and Bike - Hunnebostrand – Gothenburg - WITH BUS TRANSFER FROM GOTHENBURG With the foredeck filled with your bikes, we set sail to explore on a trip suitable for the whole family. INCLUDING - Bus transfer and a t wo day's boat cruise in the Bohuslän archipelago Welcome "fika" (coffee and sandwich) One night share in dou...Read more

A day in Fjällbacka archipelago

Daycruise: A day in Fjällbacka archipelago - Grebbestad – Fjällbacka – Grebbestad - WITH BUS TRANSFER FROM/TO GOTHENBURG The Fjällbacka archipelago starts with the Soten Canal and ends in Grebbestad up north. The tall granit rocks that changes colour with the sunlight, sometimes red, sometimes golden, give a very special impression to all visitor...Read more

Saturday dance on Brännö brygga

Saturday dance on Brännö Brygga - - Every Saturday in the summer we depart from Maritiman at 18.00 (or Eriksberg, pier 4 at 18.20), Gothenburg, to Brännö brygga for the traditional dance on the pier. We return to Gothenburg around 22.15. Come with us on a cosy trip with a seafood buffet and bar on board, music entertainment and good company. On...Read more1 daysFrom 150:-

Evening cruise to New Älvsborg Fortress including dinner at the Commandant’s Inn

Evening cruise to New Älvsborg Fortress including dinner at the Commandant´s Inn - Maritiman – Eriksbergs Kulturbåtshamn, pier 4 – New Älvsborg Fortress Nya Älvsborgs fästning (round trip) - Join us on a spectacular cruise to New Älvsborg fortress where the Commandant welcomes you and gives a historical perspective of the fortress. Then a t...Read more1 daysFrom 495:-